Emerson Write-Up for Foundations

Emerson Write-up

Emerson has a very specific view on life. His essay on self-reliance is a very complex and long essay of advanced language and literary skills, but it can be summed up in just two words, be yourself.There is no greater gift someone can bestow upon themselves than the act of being themselves. Everyday we watch a movie or some show on the television and they tell us to buy this, do that, walk this way, talk this way. They aren’t worried about you being yourself, especially if you won’t buy their products. They would rather have you dance around like a group of puppets at a theatre jumping along to every beat and tune they drone on for the world. As a race, humans have been raised on the idea that anything that is different we should fear and hate it. Someone tries to do something new and most of the time that idea is shot down almost immediately. Emerson also brought up a point about how some of the most belittled people in history, are now some of the most revered figures in history. Jesus, Socrates, Pythagorus, all of these men were judged for their outlook on life. Look at them now they are more famous than any celebrity plus they have given so much to this world. So keep your chin held up high you will do great things.
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