Why and How? (Ted Talk)

Why and How?

My “why” is simple enough. I want to give kids the same feeling that I always do and continue to have whenever I open up a brand new video game I have been wanting for what seems like eternity. I want to create not only new video games, but entire worlds full of life and occasionally death. I have all these ideas waiting to be unleashed upon the world but there will be some time before that can ever occur.
My “how” would be why I am typing this at this very moment, college. To get somewhere its probably smart to learn some things along the way, just in case. You never know what is behind the door if you never open it first. College is kind of like that door and the journey at the same time. I really didn’t know what to expect out of college, just that I hope I would gain the knowledge necessary to exceed in my field of choice. When the years fly by and I’m am done with college I hope to be ready for what the world has in store for me. I’m sure I will make good great decisions and some not so great decisions.
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