Accordion Book Foundations

Accordion Book

Accordion Book Write-Up

Its interesting to critique your own work. It’s like revising an essay except most of the time you don’t get a chance to go back and redo the project, this is final. I have broken up my ideas for critiquing my accordion book into three questions. Is it neat? How well done was the fabrication part of the assignment? How well did you manage your time? Some of these questions will have good answers, others….not so much.


Is it neat? Pretty straight forward on this one. My book definitely could have been neater on the side of gluing. I went a little crazy with spray on adhesive and it ended up doing more harm than actually helping the project. I should have stuck with regular elmer’s glue. My drawings however are a different story, those I made sure were neat. So while the glueing of the accordion book was messy the drawings inside were done neatly.


How well done was the fabrication? After all the cutting of the cardboard and the paper I realized my job at cutting left much to be desired. After folding the paper over the cardboard I realized the edges just barely overlapped. When gluing the folds down I had found cardboard peeking around while all I should have seen was white. What I ended up doing was cutting small strips of paper and using it to cover up the cardboard without having to go back and paint it white or have to start over.

How well did you manage your time? I thought in the final leg of this project I managed my time pretty well. I didn’t wait until last minute to glue everything together, I took the time to write this essay instead of waiting until a few minutes before class started. Anxiously waiting for the door to open and I would have to stop at whatever point my essay was written at. Handing in whatever drafted piece of crap I could for some kind of grade. This I took my time with so that I could get a fair grade on it.

Overall I liked how this project came out. It isn’t very neat but I liked how the drawings came out. I thought they accurately portrayed a day in my life while showing different line styles. If I was to do something different, I would have taken more time with cutting and glueing the covers together. That way the neatness of the drawings would match with the neatness of the fabrication.

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