Project 2 “Linear Design”

Project 2images

War is a fickle thing. War causes the destruction of countless lives. It destroys homes, families, and communities. Throughout history groups have protested countless acts of violence going on in the world. However, as sick as this may sound, war doesn’t come without its benefits. If we had not entered WW2 to help the Allies defeat the Axis Powers, who knows if we would have ever come out of the Great Depression. The idea I had for my piece “Fog War”, was that in war there is no certainty. There is no way of knowing if you will die tomorrow or in the next thirty seconds. “Fog War” is derived from the metaphor “fog of war”, which means an uncertainty in a wartime situation. The face created from the positive and negative space of my photo is harsh and mean looking. It reminded me of an oppressive propaganda poster during the Cold War. The shape of the face is organic and has a smooth value to it. The knife I made black, black like the greedy souls of men who like wars. The positive space of the face and the knife also represent how violence is a part of our culture, while the blank negative space represents everything left behind after a war, nothing. The David Lance Goines piece that you see to the right of my piece was used to decide the layout of my project primarily.

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