Artist Inspiration

Name of Artist: William O’ Connor

Link to his work:

Influence: When I was young and just staring to get into art, I already had a strong fascination in fantasy and sic fi. Then on Christmas my parents had got me one of his most celebrated and awarded pieces, Dracopedia. This book taught me how to draw fantasy creatures and it showed me how much one artist can accomplish if they really enjoy what they do. That book is one of the reasons that I chose to be a DMA student.

Analyzation of William O’ Connor’s Work: William O’ Connor is known for his fantasy and sic fi pieces. When creating a dragon picture he likes to use strong warm or cool colors to show what element that dragon is representing or where that dragon is from. The texture he uses ensures that the scales and the spines of that dragon pop out and don’t look flat. If this dragon is up posed to be massive he will use something like a forrest or a lone knight to scale it next to the dragon and provide a reference for the eye. Value on the dragon shows movement and shape, but he also uses the different line weights  to show the different parts of the form of the dragon.

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