Llewellyn Gallery Write Up

Artist: Wenhua Shi

Date: 9/25/14

Exhibit: Night Song

Gallery: Llewellyn Gallery

List of Works: Singing to the Sky, Night Song, Descending a Staircase and Palimpsest

Description of Works: Each of Wenhua Shi’s pieces were unique and abstract even though they didn’t portray surreal images or characters. Most of his pieces were just simple videos that played on a loop. However when you really look at them you start to think and wonder about the message that Wenhua Shi was trying to portray. In his piece Palimpsest 2, Wenhua Shi used pieces of footage from a Nixon documentary his friend was making. This footage consisted of long shots of China during the Cold War era. Even though they were in a city for most of the time, it seemed very quiet. Like people were afraid that the poster of Mao Ze Dung were going to jump out and take them away for breathing the wrong way.

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