Art book Color and Value

Rusty Metal TextureProject 2

The first image represents the element of Color. The color of this piece represent an allusion to a specific political party. This color scheme triggers the mind to think of communism almost instantly. The fact of the matter is that color is just another language that the human mind likes to speak in. It is in this art based language that we uncover deeper thoughts and meanings about certain objects that we see in our everyday lives. Even if something has absolutely no color we have an idea of what that symbolizes in our heads. With this color scheme I wanted the viewer to think back to when they were a middle schooler learning about the Cold War and the communist party. This piece is named “Constructivism”. The medium of this project was just some work on Photoshop and this was completed on 10/9/14.

The second image represents the element of value. Through the  different variations of contrast you can see what I wanted to stand out and what I wanted to remain on its own plain. The knife and the words are dark and in the foreground because those are the items that I want the audience to focus on the most. The value scale is another tool that an artist can use to manipulate the mind and the eyes of the audience. The value shows movement and depth in a piece as well as making it look more realistic by showing the way a light would shine on an object and give it less of a two dimensional feel. This particular piece of mine is name “Fog of War” This piece was first done in graphite and then touched up in photoshop. This piece was completed on 9/24/14.

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