Helvetica Write Up

Helvetica was an interesting movie if you followed the principles in which it was trying to show the world. Most of us look at a font or a bill board and all we see is some text plastered next to a celebrity or a product that the celebrity is marketing. The truth is, everything has meaning. Artists understand this more than anyone else, or at least they should have an understanding of it. Whenever you add a splash of color here or put a couple of words in a specific font, you send a message to the audience. They may not all get the same message and some might not get the message at all. That doesn’t mean however, that an artist can forget about studying his own work and thinking about what it not only means to him or herself, but to the people around the artist as well.

I especially liked the piece where they were interviewing David Carson about his career and how he views typography. It was interesting to hear how people first reacted to the way he splattered text across the pages like paint on a canvas. It was even more interesting to see how people reacted. At that time when people saw the way he used typography, they didn’t know what to think. He was doing something new, and the group that had made it seem that a simple left to right scrolling boring text, it riled them a bit. Today Carson still proves that everything holds meaning. I think this film is less about Helvetica as a whole and more about how it caused others to perceive what typography really means and how everything can symbolize anything in the art world.

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