Mandala Write Up


The earth has always been a rotating sphere of complex life forms and objectionable objects. We have torn our world apart and discovered the pieces that make this world what it is. We see the elements that must mold together to form something as simple as a rock, and the complex puzzle of DNA that creates a human being. However the world can be broken down into the basic four elements that created everything from the very beginning of time. Fire, water, earth, and, air. These are the foundations of life on earth. Throughout the years of art history humans have tried to capture the very essence of these four elements through colors that symbolize much more than they seem to be. Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange reprint the fire of the sun and the smoldering bellies of volcanos. Cool colors represent the deep and foreboding blue of the oceans. With my mandala I wanted to encompass all of the colors of the earth. Through the browns and greens I wanted to represent the lands of Mother Earth. Another feature of my mandala is the symmetry, it is actually not symmetrical at all. Only in the smallest details os it asymmetrical, much like the world around us. In nature nothing is perfect, each creature  has its own flaws, and in those flaws there is beauty.

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