Foundations Work Shop Write Up

Wenhua Shi’s exhibit, Night Song, was an interesting collection of pieces. You could really understand the messages he was trying to portray in his work. Others just had a cool vibe or style to them that made you want to learn more about him and how he works to reach his goals.


One of his most significant pieces in my opinion was the film based piece called, Palimpsest. This piece showed clips of a Cold War era China. Giant poster of Moa could be seen everywhere, a bright red contrast to the grey dull world of China during that time. Another cool piece was the program he had running with a microphone. Singing to the Sky, would show different words and phrases in english and in chinese as you screamed them into the microphone.


I would classify Wenhua Shi as a multi-talented artist. He uses his technological skills to create pieces like Descending a Staircase and Singing to the Sky. Other pieces like Night Song rely on a certain sculptural based creativity to understand how to construct something like those flashing neon lights. Wenhua Shi definitely has multiple skills that he uses to fully create a wonderful piece.


In terms of relevance to the DMA program, Wenhua Shi’s work has a lot to do with what we are learning. He uses filming techniques that we will be learning later into the DMA program. He also uses creativity and creates a statement in his art style without becoming just another “consumer of media”. Rather he is a producer of media, there to show what the human mind can do with just a small amount of integrity and determination.

Wenhua Shi was someone I had never heard about before. Originally I had come to the gallery because I felt like I had to rather than actually wanting to. After looking around and really analyzing his spectacular pieces, I realized what I would be missing if I hadn’t shown up. His pieces showed off that he had an idea that he wanted to share with the world, and it was his artwork that was the messenger of this idea. From now on I plan on trying to attend as much galleries as possible.

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