Foundations Chair

Chair adj levels

This chair has been the bane of my existence. When I finish drawing the chair for the day I find myself mentally and physically drained most of the time. However I also love the chair. It has been a real assistant to my development as an artist.

I would have never thought that I would have a love-hate relationship with an intimate object that I created. I am frustrated and confused at some points while at others I am relaxed and at ease. I feel like I am in an unhealthy bipolar relationship with my drawing of the chair, like something you see in a soap opera. Unfortunately these feelings are trumped by the overall benefits of doing this project.

It really is frustrating to know that something you despise at times can be the one thing you need to accept and learn from. You see, I want to work for a video game company designing characters. Characters wear clothes, and clothes have folds in them, the same folds we are drawing and learning from with these chairs. The light casts down upon theses rolling hills of the cloth landscape in a way that amazes me, and I love drawing it. With these new skills acquired from drawing this cloaked piece of furniture I can draw more realistic characters.

Overall, this chair has bugged me but it has also helped me. If I was asked to do this assignment again, I probably would. I would do a different chair from a different perspective though. Just to try out a new form and compare the differences in the lighting and the way the folds cascade across the rigid from of the chair. I’m glad I did this project, but I am even happier to move onto new projects.

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