Stop Motion Write Up

Niklas Scheuerman

Survey Of Animation


Stop Motion Project

Stop motion is a type of animation which formed the foundations for the modern day special effects that we see in outlets of media such as movies, TV, and video games. Stop motion can range from simple forms such as cut out animation, to the more complex, clay animation. For this project I chose to use cut out animation as my medium of stop motion. Cut out animation seemed to be one of the more interesting approaches on this project so I decided, why not? The animator who’s style I researched and tried to implement in my project was the Russian animator Yuri Norstein.

Norstein started his career in animation in 1961 after taking a two-year course for animators (Ivanova). He started working for a famous Russian film director, Ivan Ivanov-Vano. They worked together at an animation studio named, Soyuzmultfilm, it was there that Norstein would produce his first work with Arkady Tyurin to make 25, The First Day (Ivanova). This would start Norstein’s career and showcase his amazing talent with working with cutout animations. One of his most famous pieces is the Hedgehog in the Frog. This is one of his most celebrated works, and he is known around the world for this particular piece. One of his most fascinating pieces of his style of work is that he refuses to use the help of computer graphics to assist him with his animations. He only uses sets and props that he creates himself and a camera. One twenty minute piece took him almost twenty years to do because of his refusal to use the aid of modern technology.

In my piece, Bowling Buddies, I tried to use some of the styles that Norstein was known for. His characters were animated and colorful, so I decided not to use a silhouette style. I decided instead to color in my characters to create a more lively animation without boring shadows dancing across the screen. The one thing I didn’t replicate was the colorful backgrounds that Norstein would have in most of his animations. My background is a plain white that is broken up by a foreground element to create a sense of depth and so the animation didn’t seem flat. Overall, I think I fairly adapted to Norstein’s style while implementing my own creativity into this piece of animation.

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