Being a kid was the easiest thing anyone could ever dream up. You had close to no responsibilities, and you would basically go on without a care in the world. I remember when I was really young, every Saturday morning I would watch all the cartoons that were on early in the morning. I remember when the new channel “Disney XD”, was just ” Toon Disney” when I was around ten years old. I remember shows like Dark Wing Duck and Ducktales, along with The Mighty Ducks. For some reason a lot of the Disney’s cartoons were based on ducks… anyway. These cartoons were the lifeblood of my childhood and I know that was the same for most of the kids my age. We had it easy as kids, and our parents would let us know it. We would get the classic lecture of, ” Back in my day!”, and we would just nod our head and pretend like we were listening. Classes were straight forward and to the point, the most complicated thing we were asked to do was division. We had snack breaks and lunch was the premiere time for socializing and the infamous barter system. Kids would gather around like shady figures at a black market to see who had what to trade. That was the best part about lunch back when I was a kid, treating your lunch like they were stocks on Wall Street. Now everything has changed, I’m in college, I have a job. I have responsibilities I must tend to on a daily basis. What I would do to go back to the good old days. (271)

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