Phillip Stearns Write Up

Phillip Stearns main goal is to take the basic elements of light and sound and show how they can be manipulated to make something new. He wants to find different ways for us to look at electronic media. To do this he uses different methods of glitch art in order to break down the electronic media and build it back up again to show how it can be manipulated and used as a creative form. His work crosses upon multiple levels of glitch art styles. In some of his artwork you can see that he uses programs like audacity to mess around with images. He even replicates some of his glitch artwork on to pieces of cloth by using textile industry weaving machines. Some of my favorite images is the corrupted camera photos. He took three different cameras and rewired the parts that perceive light in a photograph that translates it into data.

When the photos were taken, the camera only transmitted raw data, instead of a whole defined image. Another cool project are his High Voltage images. They have an interesting concept, using different levels electronic charges and various chemical compounds, he is able to create these photos. The electricity mixed with the chemical compounds give it an almost life-like feeling to it. They look more like cells or a squirming, tentacled beast squirming around,  rather than inanimate resources.

I don’t think that Phillip Stearns is trying to make a political statement by using glitch as his style to work with. I think his artwork represents the multitude of uses that one resource or an object can have. Not everything has to have only one use, if we really break something down and look at it’s basic components we can create something completely new that has multiple facets. Phillip Stearns does not want to make a political statement, he wants to show the different ways someone can use the media around them to create something new.

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