Bio-Morphic Creature

Komodo Dragon Bio-Meachanical

Everyday, endangered species are threatened with extinction. Many species have already died off because of the constant expansion of the human race. Cities destroy forests, we make homes for ourselves, but remove animals from their homes. Scientists and environmentalists alike are worried about the overall health of the earth and the creatures that inhabit it. Industries have come up with an idea, bio-mechanical preservation. Now extinct species like the Komodo dragon can live for hundreds of years thanks to a modified heart and a pair of iron lungs.

I wanted to show how easy it was for humans to forget what we are doing to the Earth. The Komodo dragon is a shell of its former self, its bones are replaced with iron, it’s blood, with oil. We are so caught up with our everyday lives that we forget to look up from our screens and admire what the world has given us. The world is filled with natural wonders that are out there to discover. Yet we sit in cramped buildings and desolate offices, working nonstop for a larger industrial power. Perhaps one day we will all step away from technology and step towards a better Earth.

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