Primer Write-Up



The movie Primer is a perfect example of how some people can create a better work of cinematography with a limited budget, than those who can have a million dollar budget. This movie used simpler techniques through storytelling and exposition released at pivotal moments. Primer would let the audience figure things out for themselves by suggesting the idea of time travel rather than using flashy effects to shove it right in the audience’s face. For example, in one scene Abe shows Aaron his past self walking in a storage facility, Aaron looks on in disbelief as the audience automatically makes the connection to time-travel. Another connection to time travel is made when Abe and Aaron start to worry about messing up and revealing themselves to their past-selves, causing unknown consequences. Finally one of the last major references to time travel was when Aaron knew everything that Abe was going to say before he even uttered a syllable.

Primer, in my opinion, is a fantastic film. There are no plot holes and it goes through the storyline smoothly. One of the reasons that this film transitions so well is through the use of montage. Metric montage was used when Abe was explaining to Aaron his daily routine after being in the box. It would show shots of Abe and Aaron in the hotel room with a narrative from Abe. Another example of montage is when Aaron goes through the process of drugging his past self by putting a sedative in his milk. The narrative from Aaron that goes with these collection of shots reveal exposition and the plans that Aaron has set out for the rest of the movie.

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