Art Book Write Up



Komodo Dragon Bio-MeachanicalIMG_2507IMG_1896Rusty Metal TextureIMG_2178Wolf AudacityIMG_2179Project 2RepetitionIMG_1951

The dreaded final exam. A week where many a college student finds themselves crying out in anguish and driving themselves to nervous wrecks. We walk around with IVs hooked up to our arms filled with caffeine in the hopes of getting a few more hours of studying time. I have seen my class procrastinate and then regret every second they wasted. Finals week is an event that no one likes, but must deal with. The Art Book was just one piece of this event.

The Art Book was fun to make, in the beginning. All we had to do was produce two images relating to the elements and principles of design, and the gestalt principles. These drawings could be crafted in any shape or form, using any type of medium. They could be drawn out with charcoal or graphite, or they could even be done on Photoshop and other adobe programs we had learned how to use. Not all of the works had to be new creations, we could implement previous assignments from all of the classes in order to create this portfolio-like book. The later part of this assignment however, was the tricky part.

My classmates and I had a wide selection of different paths to follow for this assignment. We could choose different styles to showcase our printed images. There was the japanese binding, a traditional book style where it required us to bind the covers and the pages ourselves. The box style, where we could make a decorative box to hold our images. The accordion book, this design was based on a project we did earlier in the year. There was also a pouch-like style that a few of the students used, they would literally make a wallet or a satchel like case to store their collective images. I chose to do the harder one, the japanese binding.

While the beginning stages of this specific style was easy. Printing and cutting the pictures to the appropriate size was simple due to the pre-set measurement examples we could follow. The fabrication stage was a lot harder than I anticipated. Getting the cardboard binding to line up right with the paper I had cut out to cover it was infuriating. Every slight dab of glue would create a mess, and the stick glue would either dry too quickly to stick or it would run out in a blink of an eye. Drilling the holes through the cardboard and the paper used to mount my pictures proved troublesome when there was no appropriate drill bit. The power drill only had a Phillips head bit to work with instead of a legitimate drill head to work with. However, even with the difficulties that came along during the excruciating process of fabrication, I pulled together what I had learned throughout the semester and finished my art book.

This art book was made to be a portfolio of what we have learned throughout the year. It displays our creativity and our ability as artists to convey and our individuality through the elements and principles of design and the gestalt principles. I have learned a lot over the course of this semester as a Digital Media and Animation student here at Alfred State. I hope to learn just as much or even more in the coming semester and the years that follow.

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