Pattern and Layering

Visual Communications Final 2

Patterns provide a depth and creative integration that makes objects and creatures around us stand out. If a cheetah didn’t have its spots it would just be another predator on the plains. If all dogs shared the same color of coat, they would be boring. Textures and patterns is what makes everything in the universe an individual entity. Patterns can be seen on the largest creatures such as whales or even the smallest organisms like the bacteria that crawl across our skin. With this final project I wanted to show how much pattern can make a difference in not only art, but in the physical world as well. The patterns on both the eagle and the serpent wrapped around the tower show off how, through the use of color and patterns, anything’s overall creative value. The eyes on the trees are there because I like to draw eyes. I just thought they would add a surrealism-like element to the picture.

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