Survey of Animation Final Animation

Niklas Scheuerman

Professor Schwartz

Survey of Animation Wed.



Final Animation Write-Up


This animation was one of the projects I learned the most from. It taught me things like time management and patience.  We had to select an animator, and with them a style of animation. Some options included claymation, puppet animation, and cell animation. I decided to go with the limited animation style of John Hubley. His whole style was based around using minimal movement in his pieces and only using basic colors in order to create a more cost efficient method of animation.


John Hubley created pieces like “ Gerald McBoing Boing” and “ Rooty Toot Toot”. Both of these pieces consisted of the limited animation art style. John Hubley used characters that consisted of basic shapes and single or few colors involved in their design. Another crucial part of limited animation was the backgrounds. The backgrounds, like the characters, would consist of basic shapes and only have few or even no colors. This specific style made for a cheaper and easier way to produce animations. The frames would take less time to make and required less work to actually create them. This specific style changed the face of animation. With this style companies could now produce more animations in a limited amount of time.

The limited animation aspect of John Hubley’s work is why I chose him for my inspiration for my project. It was a logistics based style that still allowed me to portray my still while getting the most out of the work I put in as possible. During the thought process of making my animation I tried to keep Hubley’s style in mind. I wanted to keep it simple and to the point without giving up craftsmanship for an over-simplification. I think I captured Hubley’s style even without the use of cell animation that limited animation is usually associated with. I decided not to use any colors because I thought that the use of colors would take away the overall effect of simplicity that I was trying to portray in my animation. My animation consisted of basic shapes without any complex movements, just like the style of limited animation. I like how my final animation ended up looking like in the end. I captured my style of animation while referencing back to the work of John Hubley.

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