Journal Week 2

Understanding Comics Notes –

Our minds perceive time and space in different ways according to the style of the comic itself.
The bloody gutter is where our imagination fills in the blanks that the comic creates.
Because of the gutter there are thousands of ways we can perceive what happens between two panels.
Panels are derogatorily known as these definite boxes or rectangles when they actually have an art to themselves.
Panels can be circles or triangles or any shape as long as the content within these panels are significant enough to matter.
Panels can even bleed off the page in order to create a sense of timelessness, this also makes the image dwell in our minds
Primarily we use our sense of sight to perceive comics, but when you add written sounds like “chop!chop!chop!” the other senses activate as you picture the sound in your mind.
Motion can be represented in different forms, such as blurring the background, or blurring the character itself.
Motion can also be perceived by drawing the different stages of motion leading up to the solid image.

Research –

Gesture Drawing –

IMG_2652 IMG_2653 IMG_2654

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