Caricature Project

IMG_2658 IMG_2659

Inked Caricature


Caricatures are just another representation of the human body. While it is a representation  , can it still be considered as a portrait of that individual? Can we just consider it a creative way of representing them? Or is there a reason artists like Max Beerbohm emphasize on the nose, or makes the mustache as big as the caricature’s head?

What I have learned from caricatures is that they are made for two reasons. The first reason is that they are made because the artist wanted to look at the human body in a new and abstract way. The human body is warped and twisted beyond the fundamentals of nature and yet somehow we understand that it is still the human form. This relates back to our reading in Understanding Comics about content within a comic and how our minds automatically fill in the blanks. The second reason for someone to create a caricature is to symbolize something about them or their life. For example back in the early 1800’s a wealthy and corrupt politician stationed in New York named William “Boss” Tweed, was often represented as having a bag of money for a head or having a vulture’s body. This symbolized his greedy and corrupt history while he was working in Tammany Hall. With my piece I created this caricature for reason one. I looked at the human form and contorted it and twisted it in my mind and then tried to represent that abstraction through this piece. I chose Max Beerbohm as my inspiration due to his simplistic style of artwork and the way he chose to create his caricatures. He would focus one only one or two main features rather than morphing the body as a whole. Maybe the nose would be elongated and make up most of the face. Perhaps the body would be made with only organic lines to make it look as if there were no bones within the body.

I have to say that caricatures taught me a lot about representational value and what it means for our upcoming projects working with comics. Our brains are able to decode pictures,no matter how abstract they can be, and make that connection. Even though the eyes are popping out of his head and his mouth is an organic line filled with crooked teeth, we still know that it is human. It’s all a matter of content and imagery that makes up a caricature and the same goes for comics.

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