Modular Design Project

IMG_2663 IMG_2671

In the whole lexicon of the human race, we always seem to go down the path of destruction rather than creation. We believe that if its in our way it needs to be either cut or burned down. Trees and fields make way for tall opulent skyscrapers and massive highways. Now as we expand and grow, nature is crushed under the heel of industry. I rarely find anyone outside anymore, willing to unplug from their phone or their tablet and just enjoy what is already out there in the world. Media has indoctrinated the idea that as long as something has a shimmering screen and brightly colored buttons, it must be beautiful. Anything that doesn’t meet that criteria isn’t even worth the thought. That is what this piece is representing. The mindset of mankind has made us believe that anything organic and natural is this dull, grey,boring blob of existence. Anything rigid and artificial must be beautiful, irregardless of what had to be destroyed to create it.

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