Journal Week 4

Understanding Comics:

The six steps are Ideas, Form, Idiom, Structure, Craft, Surface
Sometimes if you rely on only one step the rest will seem callous or incomplete.
The surface should be the final piece of your creation not the main part of it.
If the surface does become the main piece of your creation, then you will only have a nice looking piece with very little content.
Alternatively your piece could have too much content and not have enough final editing.
If the six steps work together in unison your piece will be a representation of both refinement and content.
Color can have physical and emotional effects.
The use of color in comics has been limited due to commerce and technology.
To get the brightness and contrast costumed heroes were dressed in bright primary colours and lived in a bright primary world.
Often the effect of the many colors was overall dulling in emotional effect.
The colors had iconic power , as the colors of the heroes costumes became iconic.
Flat color also emphasises the shape of objects making them standout from the background.
Some people who used this to their advantage are Kirby, McCay, Cole, Carl Barks and P. Craig Russell.
Herge used colour so that no one object stood out more than another, all objects were equal in emphasis.
Some artists who used color to create more intense mood comics were Claveloux, Caza and Moebius.
In the 70’s publishers used the four-color process with better paper and the results were garish flat colour.
More subtle coloring to give form seemed out-of-place with the definite lines.
The surface qualities of color attract readers.

Gesture Drawing:

IMG_2730 IMG_2731 IMG_2732



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