Project Canon Final


Step 1:

Character Biography

James Wulfric –

James Wulfric is the King of the Humans who live in the land of Tal Zarekia. He is not a typical king, among the nobles he is seen as unusual and is known for his booming laughter and his ability to read people.
This ability comes from his inherited power, the ability to see people’s Soulstrums. A Soulstrum is the certain magical tune that a person has, it represents everything they became to be and everything they will be. This ability has been passed down from James’ family since their rule began hundreds of years ago. Interesting enough James barely knows about the world he was born in. When he was younger he was sent away due to an ongoing war in his homeland. His parents, in fear of the enemy killing their only son, sent him away to another world, Earth. There with his uncle he was raised into thinking he was just another average boy growing up in a small town. However when James turned 18 his uncle gave him necklace for his birthday. He wore it to bed and on the next day he awoke in a dense forest instead of his small bedroom. Scared and alone, his only choice was to try to look for any signs of civilization. Minutes quickly became hours as he trudged through the forest without any clue how he happened to end up in that forest or what happened to his uncle. The sun began to set on the forest and James’ hope for survival, but then like a beacon of hope he saw a twinkling light passed the tall trees. Renewed with determination and a chance at survival James made his way to the light. With each step more and more of these lights showed themselves, James saw the end of the forest and with one final burst of speed he cleared the dense foliage and found the source of his guiding lights. A massive city with an immaculate castle at its core laid before James in the valley below the forest. James thought he must be in some country in Europe, but how did he manage to get from The United States to Europe without even knowing? Cautiously he made his way towards the city awed by the massive towers and walls that guarded the stone sanctuary. Staying inconspicuous, James moved with the crowd and stepped through the gates. With each step he took in the bustling cityscape, strange languages and clothes were everywhere. James felt as if he had stepped into a fantasy novel. His wandering thoughts were cut short as a firm hand clasped his shoulder. James turned just in time to see the sack before it went over his head. He felt his feet leave the floor as he was dragged off to an unknown location. James felt the air around him go from the cold chill of the outside to the warm air of an interior. Eventually James stopped and the sack was taken off his head. The light of the room blinded him and he waited for his eyes to adjust. He looked around and James found himself in a small room. The walls were a grey stone and the only light in the room was a small flickering candle resting on a small wooden table. A hand moved in the shadows and pulled the candle closer to itself. A beautiful woman emerged from the darkness and with a smile she said “Finally our king has returned.”

Step 2:

Written Description of Physical Features

  • James is 18 years old
  • James is about 6 feet and 2 inches tall
  • His hair is jet black
  • His eyes consist of a deep purple with grey flecks spotting the purple
  • He has a strong jaw and walks with his head held high
  • He has an average build, not too large or too small
  • He has a scar located on his back, it is about an inch in width and runs between his shoulder blades with a length of about 4 inches
  • He usually shaves off his facial hair when it starts to grow out but with the job of ruling over a kingdom he doesn’t have time anymore.
  • As he enters more and more battles James starts to bear more scars, both physically and mentally
  • His build becomes slightly larger as his combat training begins to change his body to meet the needs of each challenge
  • Bags begin to form under his eyes as the sleepless nights add up
  • Grey hair starts to break through the black hair as the stress builds
  • However throughout all the stress he still never manages to lose his smile
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