Bone Study

Bone Study 2

Skeletons are hollow-eyed amalgamations of bones and dark intent. In popular culture they are seen as the product of a necromancer’s spell or the dark chanting of a satanic ritual. With something so vile and evil dwelling beneath our flesh, what does that make us? Are the harborers of these evil bones evil as well?

Some people say that the eyes are the window to the soul, but bones can tell a story as well. A broken leg tells the tale of pain and past mistakes. A chipped tooth, the trophy from a past battle. Our bones leave behind stories that our decomposing flesh cannot. Whenever a  skeleton is dug up from ages long past we take a peek into that forgotten souls past. Maybe someone had a disfigured hand and was seen as an outcast by the local village. Maybe that hand became the tool of revenge after the disfigured man had too much to drink one night and decided to pay his tormenters a visit. The clawed hand would rake across the flesh of the villagers, revealing more bones, revealing more evil.

The skeletal hand in my portrait rakes across the paper like flesh and reveals the black void beyond. Much like how bones in real life tell a story the bones constructing a “4” in my piece tell a story as well. They represent the people in my life that I have lost. Not necessarily dead, just lost. When you’re young and innocent your family seems perfect. Then as you get older the innocence goes away and you realize things you never saw before. Certain family members fall from your graces and they become lost.

Bones tell stories, and they symbolize the inner evil that all men and women have. This bone study for me became less about the bones and more about what the bones meant. It was a study of human nature and a study of how your environment changes as you grow up. This project had a deeper meaning to me and that is why I can relate to this project more than any other.

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