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The civilization of Ancient Greece is one of the most historically celebrated cultures of the world. They have contributed to fields, such as philosophy and politics. They played the foundation for modern-day democracy and their contributions to the world will forever be remembered. However how is it that such an advanced culture worships such a dark mythology. Their religion is filled with greed and murder and even cannibalism, most of the time the Greeks would live in fear of these strict gods.

The creation story begins with Chaos coming out of the black void of nothing and creating Gaea, Erebus, and Nyx. From these entities more powerful beings are spawned. Gaea gave birth to the first Cyclopes, towering beings with a single eye in the middle of their skulls. Uranus, the son of Gaea eventually married his own mother and thus the Titans were born. Already we see how incest is a common theme in Greek mythology. Uranus was a cruel husband and an even crueller father. Gaea plotted with her children to devise a plan to defeat Uranus. All of the Titans were afraid, all except Cronus, the youngest of the Titans and certainly the boldest. While Gaea slept with Uranus one night, Cronus creeped in the shadows and with a flint sickle Gaea had given him, he castrated Uranus and threw his genitals into the sea. Uranus was then banished to Tartarus, an infernal prison where beings are sent to be tortured and forgotten.

This creation story is just one piece of the mythology of ancient Greece. Throughout their tomes and drawings we see how vengeful the gods and Titans were. Rape, murder, greed, incest, cannibalism, all of these atrocities were common throughout the timeline of Greek mythology. Every civilization has its secrets, just like everyone has skeletons in their closets. Even though ancient Greek culture seemed like a perfect society, they worshiped dark gods.

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