Composite Photo Trip

composite-photo-tripComposite Photo Trip 2.jpg

  1. Girl on bed
  2. Tie dye
  3. Bandana
  4. Fish
  5. Fish 2
  6. Clock
  7. Flag
  8. Health and Wellness
  9. Cross
  10. Paris compact
  11. Hand 1
  12. Hand 2
  13. Hand 3
  14. Hand 4
  15. Hand 5
  16. Eye (web)
  17. Watch (web)
  18. Butterfly (web)
  19. Elephant Trunk (web)
  20. Bible (web)
  21. Pill

I created a composite photo that creates a window into what a hallucinogenic trip might look like. With varying colors and warped images it gives the picture an otherworldly effect that can only be felt with the help of otherworldly chemicals. Thinking outside the box was crucial with this project because it dealt with many images and figuring how those images can relate to one another in a defined space. It’s like looking at all the moving parts of a giant machine and studying how they coexist and function as a whole.


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