Max Project Idea

what-causes-sound-waves_cdffb59e-5666-4478-8d7b-2fe3ad73349bOne of the most amazing things that Max can do is its ability to communicate and use other programs and interfaces to in turn make itself a better interface program. One of the most spectacular displays that I have seen while browsing the site Cycling 74 are the amazing pieces that Max can do using different light displays.
I would like to harness the different way light can be manipulated to symbolize different design aspects. My project would take a sense that you normally can’t represent visually, such as your sense of hearing, and visually represent it.

It would showcase the ability of hearing in a visual aspect by creating a design based around echolocation. The audience would be trapped in a dark room and the only way out would be to make sound. It would be set up like a maze with each of the walls having LED strips that are programmed to react to sounds that the microphones around the room pick up. For example, if I walk through and want to find out where I was, I would make a sound and the microphone would pick it up. Then it send a message to the programmed lights on the wall and cause them to light up and create a rippling effect. This rippling effect would represent a sound wave. For that brief moment you would see where the walls begin and end, but only for a brief moment. Kind of like how a bat has to constantly let out tiny screeches or else it would risk crashing into a tree.

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