Max Project Final

The original idea for this project came from the need to create an interactive experience that a varied audience can understand and enjoy. The medium for this idea is an interactive hub creator known as Max. This program can be used to create an almost endless amount of interactive programs and projects that let the creator craft an interactive experience for those who wish to experience it. The original idea that I had for a project was to create a maze where your only guide was the sound that you make. The walls would light up with LED lights and react based on sound. It would give the audience a resemblance on how bats move throughout the world using sound as their only pathfinder.

My project takes live audio and creates various shapes and forms based on how loud and the variation in pitch of the audio. The fact that this project only reacts to the sound is what creates the interactive experience. I created it so that it was purely controlled by the audience and not by someone standing behind a curtain and pushing buttons. Each experience would be genuine and different than all the others.

I believe that this project could be taken farther by exploring the different ways sound can be almost personified by using the program. Another feature that I noticed with this project is that the way it moves have an almost fluid and lifelike style to it. The next step would be to make the shapes as alive as possible and tweak the audio so that it moves as such. I don’t believe that this project has a final step, I think that this project could continue to grow into something new as long as the work and creativity are put in.

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