Production 2 Project 2

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Production 2 Self Portrait

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Max Project Final

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Max Project Idea

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Motion Graphics Countdown

With this piece we had to take a countdown and use our knowledge of motion graphics to animate the countdown in some shape or form. In after effects the process began with looking at the different effects that I had available to work with. I started using some particle based effects, like the raining effect and changed the color and density in order to make it look as if it was raining blood. Another effect was a smoke effect which involved me playing around with setting such as opacity and the actual simulated wind effect which would decide where the direction of the steam would linger towards. I learned a lot about the different effects in after effects and how they can be manipulated to create interesting motion graphics.

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Death of Diana Premiere Pro

With this project we had to represent a place or an event without using anything with a face. We could however capture certain parts of the body like the hands for manipulation. I did some research as to how the death of Diana both effected the culture of the UK as well as the controversy surrounding her death. I wanted to use everyday objects in order to create a story that would explain the death of Princess Dianna to someone who had never heard of it before. By using the plant and effects such as lighting it makes you have this sense of understanding. For example the flashing lights represent the paparazzi that Princess Diana was running from during the car accident. The dark and rainy night represent the way the world felt when they lost such an important figure as the late Princess Dianna.


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